Monday, 16 August 2010

Helsby Arms Photoshoot

I have to admit the Helsby Arms in Helsby, near Chester, effortlessly sails into my "top pubs" list. The pub is efficiently run by the landlord and landlady, Steve and Carole, and sumptious, beautiful food is cooked and presented by their head chef Lee Fish and his team with infinite care.

I am not writing this lightly - my parents and grandparents were both in the pub trade and my dad trained me wo his standards for waitressing and barwork during University holidays the same as he trained the other staff. So when I go into a pub I can generally spot a Brake Bros chocolate fudge cake from 20 paces and if there is something out of place I notice it.

When I first photographed the Helsby Arms, approximately 12 months ago, my brief was wide:to take publicity shots of the bar area, outside, food and kitchens. I was there from 9.30am until around 6pm as I also attended one of their infamous Cheshire Tweet Ups! in that time I found absolutely nothing I could criticise. I was, in all honesty, gobsmacked.

When I returned to the Helsby Arms yesterday I was visiting purely for pleasure and to attend another Cheshire Tweet Up (#cheshiretweetup on Twitter), however I had my camera with me and I just couldn't resist taking more photos.

You see, to my mind one of the things that makes the Helsby Arms so special is Carole's attention to detail. In every corner and on every windowsill is a perfect little still-life set-up just begging to be appreciated by their customers and off course, begging to be photographed.

This time I had a 50mm f1.8 lens so light was no issue and the wood floors and carpentry kept it's burnished tone. This time I concentrated on the details and creating modern images with a fine-art flavour. They can be used commercially or printed onto canvas or in a frame to produce art-works in their own right. It was an enjoyable exercise and a good indication of how I intend to approach capturing the little details that matter when on location at a wedding.

You can follow Carole on to find out all the latest news and offers at The Helsby Arms and of course, details of the next #Cheshiretweetup!

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Jo Belfield


  1. I like window shots, which is good, seeing as its all I see of the outside world when painting indoors!

  2. I must admit the muffins tasted as good as they look here. Great pics Jo Tao-of-pooh

  3. Thank you both! :D Had a great time! Andy - you and Ingrid must come to a tweetup too - or we organise a Bolly one!?

  4. Thank you Jo. We're very flattered, delighted with the photographs and love that you noticed the details.