Sunday, 29 August 2010

Commercial Photography - I Focus on the Details.

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At Jo Belfield Photography I am committed to producing commercial photography that enhances your business. I take your products and I create images from them that make YOUR clients notice YOU. At it's simplest it's my job to create an image so eyecatching that potential customers are drawn in and want to read on and find out more about you and your product.

As a business owner myself I know how hard it is to grab attention in this age of relentless multimedia. You have to make an impact to stand out among your competitors. Bigger. better. sharper, clearer.

However, consumers today are educated about their needs and the items they want to purchase. The economic downturn and a weariness of mass-manufactureed products has led many consumers to favour products where the manufacturer has cared about the quality, has taken the time to work on the details. They are looking for quality and longevity, workmanship and even heritage over disposable items.

This fits in my philosophy about commercial photography as a whole. I will present a client with photographs of your product as a whole. However, after discussion with you, I will also present you with a series of photographs showing the details that make you and your product or business stand out from the crowd.

I aim to give you the "wow factor" to make people take notice, and then when you have caught their attention you are visually showing them the details - the reasons why they should chose you over your competitors.

I focus on the details because your business does too.

For more information on how focussing on the details with my product photography can help your business please telephone on 07908816147 or email

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