Thursday, 18 June 2009

Maternity Shoot

I was honoured to be asked to do a maternity shoot for my friend Jacqui. I went on Tuesday to do a consultation on it, but she looked so good that I took some shots there and then.

She really was blooming and I got some beautiful head and shoulder shots as well as pregnancy ones. We are doing a further shoot next week with different clothes and a bit more bump on show!

Both she and her husband love the shots - I am overjoyed and and I can't wait to meet their new baby!


  1. Well done Jo - lovely photos. My favourite of the whole (flickr) set is the first one in this post - makes you wonder what she's thinking and the light splashing across the bump is just perfect. (DM on twitter has stopped working for me :-( so sorry for not replying sooner).

    Best of luck with your follow up shoot!

  2. Thank you Richard - to be honest I haven't visited here since I posted I've been crazy busy editing photos!